Saturday, April 10, 2010

Defining the Path: Destination 3

Destination #3:  Be More Giving Of Myself

  • I want to volunteer.  I honestly don't know where I want to volunteer yet.  There are a lot of charities and places that interest me.  What I need to do here is find out what would be the best fit for me.  I would love to volunteer in every organization that I found worthwhile, but there isn't enough time in my life.  My goal is to start slow; write a list of pros and cons; pick the organization that best fits my needs and capabilities, and provides me the the most fulfillment; then volunteer four hours a week.
  • I want to be a better spouse.  I tell my husband that I love him everyday, but there is so much more I could do for him.  I want to listen to him more, talk to him more often and spend more time being with him.  He works a lot and I'd love to spend his off hours relaxing and having fun with him instead of cleaning the house or giving him a huge "Honey-Do" List, or running errands.

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