Monday, June 28, 2010

Destination #1 - Progress Update

I've been on this journey for a few months now and am a bit disheartened by my lack of progress.  I have not attempted to practice the guitar or voice at all and did not do much with the violin.  The only thing I've done on a regular basis is the piano and even those attempts have been spotty since I returned from my vacation

I find myself making excuses as to why I can't make time to practice; and like all excuses - they are lame.  I'm fighting an internal battle right now.  This is something that's important to me, yet I can't - or won't - make time for it.

So, I am making a renewed promise to myself.  I will make time to do at least one thing I love everyday!  It is time to recapture my dreams and pursue them with passion!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Tow Accomplish Destination #4

Destination 4 is by far the most expensive goal on my list.  This is also the only goal that I have been working on for quite a long time.  For almost 2 years I have put 10% of my net paycheck directly in to a savings account, and I only take money out of this account for travel.

I have this deduction scheduled to happen automatically and I've learned to live on 10% less.  Setting this money aside is such a relief, I know no matter what or when a trip is in order I can afford it.  (I include traveling to funerals, graduations, etc here as well, so somtimes my travel plans can be a bit sudden.)  This also enables me to jump on travel opportunities I might otherwise miss or have a tough time financing.

If one of your goals is costly, set up an automatic transfer of any amount you can afford directly in to a completely separate account.  It may be 10% or 20% of your paycheck, it may be $10-$20 a week  Whatever you can comfortably afford.  Over time this will grow to an amount you can really do something with and you'll be glad you did!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Forgotten Destination

I have always loved traveling and it's something I would love to do often.  I have decided to add a goal to my list of destinations.  However, the goal of 'traveling' is pretty ambiguous - I need to define my path.

Destination #4:  Travel
  • Visit Greece.  I love Greek mythology, art and architecture.  I need to go to Greece and see everything!
  • Go to Europe.  There are many European countries I want to visit:  England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany....just to name a few.
  • I want to go on an African Safari.
  • I want to go to Egypt.  Again, the art and architecture are what draw me in.  I also need to see the pyramids.
  • I want to visit every states in the U.S.  If I'm going to Europe, I might as well see the U.S. too!
  • I want to go to Australia and New Zealand.  Surfing and snorkeling - woo hoo!
  • I want to go to Japan.
  • I want to visit our neighbors to the North and South.
  • I want to see the Amazon River.
  • I want to cruise around the world.  This will hit most of what I want to do and see and I love cruises, so why not?
Really, this list could go on forever.  I want to go everywhere and see everything!

Monday, June 7, 2010


You know what they say...hindsight is 20/20.  I recently went on a much needed week-long vacation.  It was wonderful and I had a great time, but now that I'm home I realize how many opportunities I missed to focus on my goals.  Let me share with you what I did and did not do so you can learn from my mistakes!

I did not eat healthy and I could have.  My excuse was "I'm on vacation and I am going to indulge myself."  Now don't get me wrong, it is perfectly acceptable to indulge yourself on vacation, but don't let your common sense fly out the window...use good judgement!  Moderation is key.  Looking back on it, I am most ashamed of not eating better because it was so easy to make good food choices.  Many menus had low calorie options that I just turned my nose at.  Oh self, so young, so foolish.  If you - like me - simply must have Chocolate Melting Cake every night for dessert, do it, but get one of the 390 calorie entrees!

I did not practice any instruments.  I really don't feel guilty about this.  Who takes their piano on vacation?!  If I had a more portable talent - say writing or drawing - I could have done that by bringing a pad of paper and a pencil.  So, if you can take your goal with you do it, but if you can't don't feel bad.  After're on vacation!

I did not work on any music theory.  This is another goal that I feel bad about not doing, because I took my theory book with me!  I just didn't open it.  There were many hours spent in the car that I could have pulled this out and worked on it.  I could have done much better here.  If you do take your goals with you, make sure you do it!

However, I did do a lot of walking.  I did not take advantage of the gym that was available, so again improvements to my vacationing self are needed, but I am happy with what I did accomplish.

Most importantly I spent a lot of time with my husband.  This is the goal that I most want to excel in.  Despite all my failings this past week I have succeeded overall, because I was able to be with him with no pressure to keep the house clean, dinner on the table and no work concerns stealing my focus from him.  We had many conversations and talked to each other a lot.  He also shared a podcast (Stuff You Should Know) that he really enjoys with me.  I learned something new about him, and we both got to enjoy listening to several old podcasts he had on his Zune.  Sharing something you enjoy or are passionate about with your spouse is a wonderful way to bond and grow together.

You do not need to accomplish everything everyday or even most things most days.  If you only accomplish one thing a week you have succeeded.

What tips and tricks for success do you have while vacationing?