Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have practiced the piano every day for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I finally feel confident enough with the fingering on the C Major scale that I have progressed on to G Major.  I am almost halfway through 3 beginner books and have learned a lot of theory.  1st and 2nd inversions are finally making sense to me!

Additionally I have played for my mother (she has been playing the piano since she was 4 - my mother is my piano expert), who tells me that my technique and posture are very good.  So far I am not practicing any bad habits and my mom is quite proud of me.  (Thanks Mom!)  I am pround of me too.  Lastly, I have memorized Prelude No. 1 in G minor by Catherin Rollin.

I have done all of this in less than two weeks.  I am so pleased with the progress I have made thus far.  I know that in the beginning I will move pretty quickly with the piano, and I am confident that these small successes in the beginning will propel me forward as things become more challenging.

What successes have you had thus far?

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